Gym Or Meat Market – Looking Good, Feeling Good

(note: originally posted on 3/24 at homepage….This was my very first blog ever written!)

 Ladies, We’ve all been guilty of it before. Heck, as a newly single woman in her thirties, I’ll admit to doing it at least four times a week. No, I’m not talking about developing a close relationship with your shower pick – but WEARING LIPSTICK IN THE GYM.

Night club or fitness club. You’ve seen them – the group of guys in their Affliction t-shirts who try to outdo each other, while talking bout the VIP waitress that hooked them up Saturday night. And let’s not forget the girls in the belly-ring bearing crop tops and hot shorts, who spend a little too much time doing bentover rows. Now, mind you, I would never wear booty shorts on leg day, but I do find myself picking out my workout wear a bit more carefully these days. And so I ask – why the hell not? I work hard to look good!

The gym is a place that represents health and fitness, right? Part of being physically fit and healthy means feeling good about how you look, and in turn, feeling good about yourself. Exercise releases those ‘feel good’ endorphins and provides you with more energy. I understand there are many people who just want to get in, get their workout done and get out. They have their iPods on even before hitting the gym floor, with the hat pulled down low on their head. For others, it might be their only chance to socialize before going home to an empty house night after night. Most of us probably fall somewhere in between. Either way, we all go to the gym to feel better about ourselves. So accept it – 90% of gyms are going to be meat markets to an extent.

The decision is yours whether to be a participant, observer, or to invest in a good iPod and many hats. As long as proper gym etiquette is practiced (i.e., not taking up equipment to socialize while others are waiting, keeping public displays of affection to a minimum, and – my personal pet peeve – not dousing yourself with cologne before you workout…DEODORANT GUYS – JUST DEODORANT, PLEASE!!!) , the fact of the matter is, the gym will always be a place where people’s eyes will wander and potential love affairs may blossom. Exercise and endorphins. It’s all about feeling good, right?

Till next time!

 Miss Chris                   


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2 Responses to “Gym Or Meat Market – Looking Good, Feeling Good”

  1. From a male perspective. I have to agree that when a gym turns into a meet/meat market it looses its creditablity in my opinion. This is what so many big chain gyms are anymore. A place to pick up the opposite sex. I found it after my divorce to be more then a little annoying. I go to the gym to work out and improve myself, or to work out daily frustrations …. one on one vs the wieght.

    As a former power lifter, I have seen many men and women who go to the gym to put on a show. One that in most cases is good for nothing more then a laugh.

    I do not say not to speak to the opposite sex or to speak to anyone at all. But for people to stand around, hovering over a bench or machine, and the cardio equipment all in the name of saying a few lines in hopes of flattering or impressing the opposite sex is bad gym manners.

    If you happen to see a person of interest of the opposite sex. Please do not stand there and be a player. Be polite and say hello. But do not try to pick this person up at the excercise bikes and hold up the trainning of others.

  2. Solid web site:) hope to definitely come back soon

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